The UEFA Europa League Sponsorship

As we expand our global passion for "Driving Emotion" and sports, Hankook proudly supports the UEFA Europa League along with football fans worldwide.

As we expand our global passion for


You support your team, and Hankook supports your spirit.

Hankook’s drive for the intensity and passion of “Driving Emotion” is akin to the passion of football players and when a car and driver become one, they become as dynamic as football players on the field. The players’ spectacular performance, effort, motivation, and their teamwork are in tune with the “Driving Emotion” that Hankook seeks to achieve, and this is the reason Hankook sponsors the UEFA Europa League.

Hankook passionately supports UEFA Europa League

Football is a sport that stokes the passion of fans around the world. For 90 minutes, players dash across the field seeking a win with fans cheering them on. This drive is mirrored by Hankook’s efforts in research and development and in our desire to produce the best tires. Superior tires born of outstanding technical skill provide the best driving experience, just as passionate football fans experience a sense of oneness with the players. They become the ultimate partner during 90 minutes of dramatic competition. Hankook’s sponsorship of the UEFA Europa League stems from the passion and common goals of Hankook and football, which is to be the best and achieve victory. To be the best we become one with passion and both Hankook and the UEFA Europa League share that bond as partners.



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